A Root Planing Treatment May Be Needed to Address Severe Gum Disease

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Individuals who frequently forget to floss, or who fail to brush their teeth twice each day are often at increased risk for dental and periodontal health problems. Bacterial deposits that are not released from the teeth each day can harden into calculus near the gumline.

Also known as hardened tartar this substance is one of the primary causes of gum disease. While the affliction typically starts out as the mild periodontal inflammation of gingivitis, it can gradually escalate without treatment.

Without professional intervention from a dentist like Dr. Emanuel Amato, the bacterial presence in your gums can start to worsen. The body’s natural response to chronic inflammation in the periodontal tissues often causes the gum line to pull back.

As time goes on the bacterial material can start to build up near the roots of your teeth. In a case this severe our dentist may need to perform a root planing procedure to prevent eventual tooth loss.

The outpatient treatment involves Dr. Emanuel Amato using professional tools and techniques to carefully clear away all traces of hardened calculus from your gum line as well as the roots of your teeth.

After the root planing our dentist will provide you with some basic aftercare instructions and tips to help prevent further gum disease complications. An improved focus on your brushing and flossing efforts as well as attending your routine dental checkups will go a long way toward preventing recurrence.

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