How to Recognize the Symptoms of Gum Disease

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You may already know that brushing and flossing are very important if you want to keep your teeth and your gums healthy and strong. Similarly, you should also see our dentist twice a year to give our team a chance to inspect your oral health. Yet, did you know that following these steps may not always be enough to help you to avoid gum disease? In fact, did you know that this disease can be difficult to recognize?

Fortunately, our team will be able to help you cope with these problems, which is one reason it is important to schedule two appointments with us yearly. You see, when you eat, plaque can form around your pearly whites. If this harmful plaque is not removed, it may harden into a substance called tartar. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to remove tartar from your teeth and gums at home without causing damage to your pearly whites and gums. If you have tartar formed, you’ll be much more likely to have gum disease and other dental issues.

While gum disease can be pretty difficult to recognize, there are a number of signs you can watch for. For example, tender, bleeding, and swollen gums can all lead to gum disease. Sadly, if you are suffering from any of these issues, you could have gum disease—which may be at a more advanced stage than you would expect. Moreover, if gum disease is not treated fast enough, you could eventually need to have the tooth extracted.

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