If Your Tooth Has Been Badly Damaged, Check Out Dental Crowns!

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Broken and cracked teeth are an unfortunate occurrence in everyday life. Thankfully, restorative dentistry is just as common. Restorative dentistry is used repair the tooth by giving it back its strength and stability. Dental crown treatments are the most used type of treatment for and damaged teeth. A dental crown treatment involves the dentist removing the enamel from the broken teeth in order to create an abutment in which to place a cap on top of the tooth. The cap, which is made of either metal or porcelain, is then glued into the abutment securely.

In cases of tooth decay the cap acts as replacement for the enamel that was lost. For broken and cracked teeth, the cap will add strength to the tooth. Metal caps are required for the molars, the back teeth, in order to add strength to help them meet the demands placed on them from chewing.

The dental crown itself is not subject to decay, but care for the area of treatment is necessary. Tooth decay can still happen to the tooth enamel the crown is attached too. If tartar and plaque are allowed to build up, the resulting decay can cause the crown to loosen. You can prevent this through proper flossing and brushing.

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