Is My Child in Danger of Fluorosis?

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Fluorosis is a condition in which white or brown streaks appear on a child’s baby teeth or adult teeth. Fluorosis is caused by too much fluoride in a child’s system. It only affects teeth that have not erupted, and once your child’s teeth have come in, they will no longer be susceptible. Children can develop fluorosis until they reach eight years of age. To find out how much fluoride is right for your child, you should talk with your dentist about how much toothpaste you are giving your child; and find out if your local government fluoridates the water.

There are two important things to remember about fluorosis. The first is that it is a cosmetic problem, not a medical one. There is no danger involved with fluorosis. The second thing to remember is that in many cases, only a dentist may notice the discoloration of your child’s teeth. If it is concerning to you or your child, the problem can easily be corrected.

If you are concerned about your child’s level of fluoride, ask your dentist to evaluate your child’s teeth. In most cases, if your family lives in an area that has fluoridated water and you use a toothpaste containing fluoride, you and your children are getting enough. If your dentist finds that your child’s fluoride levels are too low, he can give your child a fluoride treatment in the office, or prescribe a fluoride rinse or tablets.

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