Oral Health Essentials: Chewing Gum

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Sugarless gum is a fiercely debated topic as to whether it is good for your oral health or not. Although there is evidence to suggest that benefits can be had from chewing gum, especially after meals, chewing gum should generally be avoided by individuals with jaw disorders.

Sugarless gum works by helping to increase the production of saliva within your mouth. If your mouth creates more saliva, you are more likely to keep your mouth clean and clear from harmful substances that seek to destroy your teeth and gums. Not only can saliva help to wash away these harmful ingredients, but it can neutralize the acids in the products you consume.

Sugarless gum has other uses apart from cavity prevention. With heartburn, harmful acids can travel up the esophagus, and if they reach the mouth, dental erosion can occur. Sugarless gum can help minimize the risk of heartburn and even help deal with any effects it may have if it occurs.

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