Simple But Effective Tooth Hazard Prevention Tips

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With numerous holidays right around the corner, now is the perfect opportunity to set in place an effective treatment plan to prevent tooth hazards from arising. Always make sure you’re exercising caution with all foods and drinks that you introduce to your mouth. If you are not careful, numerous products can cause all sorts of damage including tooth decay, oral accidents and injuries, and additional tooth hazards.

Never try to use your mouth as a can opener for opening any products, including bottles, plastic packaging, and cans. To help lower the temptation of using your teeth, always keep scissors or bottle openers handy to use when needed.

Avoid products that can easily linger in your mouth long after consumption. This includes gummy and chewy sweets that can continue to cause tooth decay long after eating them. Also, avoid products that can turn extremely acidic, including potato chips, fruit juice, or sports drinks. Lastly, avoid snacking constantly as it can increase the time in which your smile is susceptible to tooth decay.

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