There Are Various Options for Restoring a Missing Tooth

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Tooth loss from a severe dental trauma, untreated cavity, or a treatment method that required total extraction can significantly compromise your mouth in different ways. Beyond the simple loss of function, it can also alter your appearance, change your speech, and lead to future problems with the alignment of your teeth.

Here at Chandler Family Dental Care we offer several different treatment methods to restore a missing tooth. The one that is right for you will vary depending on several factors as well as your personal preference.

If you’re missing multiple teeth in one location, Dr. Emanuel Amato can fit you for a removable partial denture. This dental appliance is like a miniature version of dentures designed to replicate the presence of your missing teeth.

If you’re only missing a single tooth, you might be interested in a dental bridge. This is a replica tooth fused with a dental crown on each end.

A dental implant is another effective option for restoring a single tooth. A pair of dental implants can also be installed to eventually mouth a dental bridge capable of restoring multiple missing teeth. The titanium material used for the dental implants will eventually fuse to the surrounding bone tissues in your mouth. This will create a solid anchor point for the appropriate dental work.

If you live in the Chandler, Arizona area and you are missing one or more teeth, you should call 480-413-1100 to explore the dental restorations offered at Chandler Family Dental Care.